About AAI Cheer

American Athletic, Inc. was founded in 1954, and this iconic brand has enjoyed a rich history due to innovative ideas and a commitment to excellence ever since.

In 2004, Russell Brands, LLC acquired American Athletic, Inc. ("AAI"), located in Jefferson, Iowa, and consolidated its Spalding® equipment under one roof, alongside AAI's gymnastic and cheer equipment products. Today, the company continues to pursue perfection in quality and customer service to achieve timeless dedication and trusted performance.

Since the brand's creation, AAI has experienced exponential growth in its cheer product lines as well as in its influence in the cheer community. Today, AAI Cheer is proud to sponsor some of the top teams in the country, including Top Gun All Stars, Tribe Athletics, and Rockstar Championships.

Top Gun All Star Team

AAI Cheer equipment is produced at three up-to-date, well-equipped, well-maintained facilities, totaling over 240,000 square feet in Jefferson, Iowa. The 85,000 square foot main plant houses the company's metal manufacturing operations. The 30,000 square foot fabric plant, where the mats and pads are manufactured, is located on a 2-acre site directly adjacent to the main plant. The third facility contains 127,000 square feet and houses several assembly operations, all finished-goods warehousing, and the shipping department.

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